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QCI Direct is a multi-title catalog company that has exploded in growth. The business began in 1983 as a small, woman-owned microwave accessory catalog. This division then evolved into our flagship catalog "Home Trends," a catalog that carries cleaning and organizational items for inside the home. Picket Fence, the outdoor book, soon followed.

Steam Mops!

Dear Friends, I know I am behind the times, but I have finally tested and fallen in love with our steam cleaner.  Steam cleaners have been around for 10 years, but it took me that long to: Accept that we … Continue reading

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March Madness – Time to Clean Up!

March always brings with it so much excitement – we get prepared for celebrating the Irish, basketball is everywhere and we can feel spring coming up around the corner.  I’d like to get started on my yard, but its still … Continue reading

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How To Clean Your Baking Pans In 3 Easy Steps

We all have them – those cookie sheets, broiler pans, muffin tins and baking pans that have seen better days. The old way of soaking and letting sheets sit overnight and hope for the best are gone. And, good riddance … Continue reading

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Thinking of Spring

I spent the holidays vacationing over the holidays in Florida. I am fascinated by which products are attractive to me, even though it is 10 degrees back home in Rochester, NY. For example, I actually planted begonias yesterday. Of course, … Continue reading

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2014 – A Time To Refresh & Renew

Happy New Year! We know, we know. The new page on the calendar usually means New Year’s Resolutions. Most resolutions revolve around self improvement. It’s great to start off the year taking care of your health with good food and … Continue reading

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Frenzied Festivities

Holidays are great, but they can also be very stressful. There’s so much to do and not enough time to do it in. To avoid getting overwhelmed between now and New Year’s, here are some suggestions to manage the mayhem. … Continue reading

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Ready For The Holidays? 5 Hints That Really Help

It’s that wonderful time of year – friends, family, fabulous food… oh yes, you also have to clean, cook and corral the clutter. Help! No worries – we have some tips to help prepare for the holidays so you can … Continue reading

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