Steam Mops!

Dear Friends,

I know I am behind the times, but I have finally tested and fallen in love with our steam cleaner.  Steam cleaners have been around for 10 years, but it took me that long to:

  1. Accept that we did not need chemicals to clean (although my daughter has been telling me this for years).
  2. They are more efficient, get the job done faster, and clean really, really well.
  3. Understand the concept:  steam creates very small vapor molecules that penetrate pores.  The heat of the vapor molecules kills bacteria and other pathogens like mold, fleas, flea eggs, and dust mites.  The result is a surface that is sanitized, deodorized and hypoallergenic.
  4. Works just like a vacuum cleaner.
  5. Will clean carpets, upholstery, enamel sinks, tile and grout, floors, and even on the rims of your car!
Hand held steamer

Hand held steamer


and Floor Steamer in One!

So I would love to hear from you – how do you like your steam cleaners?  Ours is the H2OMopX3.

Creative answers could get published in our Fall Catalog or on our web site at


About QCIDirect

QCI Direct is a multi-title catalog company that has exploded in growth. The business began in 1983 as a small, woman-owned microwave accessory catalog. This division then evolved into our flagship catalog "Home Trends," a catalog that carries cleaning and organizational items for inside the home. Picket Fence, the outdoor book, soon followed.
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