March Madness – Time to Clean Up!

March always brings with it so much excitement – we get prepared for celebrating the Irish, basketball is everywhere and we can feel spring coming up around the corner.  I’d like to get started on my yard, but its still too cold.  March is the perfect time to do some cleaning and get your house in order, while the weather hasn’t quite broken but the days have become a little brighter and a little longer.  This is when the house needs that high level clean that I always do in a few steps.

1.  Dust!  Step one is always to start at the top.  Dust off those ceiling fans and the tops of the refrigerator.  I know this is the one time of the year that I do the deep cleaning, so I’m sure to get even the areas that I hate doing.  Don’t forget to clean the blinds.  I use our mini blind cleaner to make the job quick and easy.  Just spray on and it does the rest!

2.  Wipe!  Step two is to wipe down walls, the refrigerator, the windows!  I like to do the windows first with our window wax and then by the time I finish the walls the wax is dry and ready to be wiped off.

3.  Sweep!  Next is to sweep or vacuum.  This is that step that I do every week, but now that I’ve dusted and wiped down the walls there’s extra dust on the floor that needs to be picked up.  For a quick pick up without using electricity or switching out bags I used the Hoky.

4.  Steam!  I absolutely love steam mops for tile and hard wood floors.  What could be simpler than cleaning with steam?  Plus, it gets the floors clean with no chemicals.  Our H20MopX3 is a 3-in-1 steam cleaning machine.  You can also switch it from a mop to a hand held steamer.


About QCIDirect

QCI Direct is a multi-title catalog company that has exploded in growth. The business began in 1983 as a small, woman-owned microwave accessory catalog. This division then evolved into our flagship catalog "Home Trends," a catalog that carries cleaning and organizational items for inside the home. Picket Fence, the outdoor book, soon followed.
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