How To Clean Your Baking Pans In 3 Easy Steps


We all have them – those cookie sheets, broiler pans, muffin tins and baking pans that have seen better days. The old way of soaking and letting sheets sit overnight and hope for the best are gone. And, good riddance too, since that method rarely worked. All it really takes for clean cookware is a little persistence, effort and the appropriate products.


1) First off, assess the damage. Some stains, grime and crusted on gunk are more difficult to get off than others. If it’s a recent stain/burn, a thin layer of vinegar warmed to the bubbling stage may be enough to dislodge the debris so you can scrape it off. However, this option won’t work for cookie sheets and older, set-in stains. If vinegar doesn’t work, it’s time to bring out the big guns – namely a little known secret cleaning weapon called Bar Keepers Friend. This item has been a kitchen cleaning staple since the late 1800s. It’s bleach free and non-abrasive, so you can use it on stainless steel, porcelain and ceramic. Stuck-on food, discoloration and stains disappear in minutes. It now comes in an easy to apply liquid formula too. For really stubborn stains, use Stainless Steel Sponges to apply it, and you’re well on your way to clean cookie sheets! **Warning – do NOT use this method for non-stick cookware **

2) Another popular method involves using your oven’s self cleaning feature to do the dirty work.  Just place the pan/sheet inside, set on the self clean cycle and, when cool, dry with a damp cloth. Again, do NOT use this method for non-stick cookware.

3) If you really want to ensure your baking sheets and pans stay clean and stain free, consider investing in non-stick cookware. Prices have dropped drastically in the past few years. Non-stick cookware is easier to clean, maintain and allows for healthier cooking since you do not have to oil or grease the pan. The OrGreenic line is one of our favorites, and highly recommended by bakers, chefs and bloggers. Cleaning OrGreenic Cookware is super easy too – simply rinse and dry, no scrubbing required!

A bonus tip
To keep all cookware and baking sheets in good shape, we’ve developed our own “spray on/wipe off” Baking Pan Cleaner that is specially formulated to use on all cookware, including non-stick brands. Cookies anyone? 🙂

orgreenic-jelly-roll-baking-sheet-5 baking-pan-cleaner-by-qci-12


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